Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Koi Fusion has been written up in so many magazines, and it commands a certain respect. The service is sleek, fast and effeciant. Hanging out near the PSU Campus(that spot would be PERFECT for a restaurant!) or deep in the Pearl. It doesn't seem like they have a high impression of their music, it's Michael Jackson or Wu-tang Clan. Which makes for easy listening as you wait, trying to peer into the huge taco-van. The food tastes great, but Korean food is the ONE cuisine of Asian cooking I don't know authentically. But it's a Korean Taco! So sweet and spicy meats mixed with kimchi, fattened with rice and laced with sauce, garnished with green onion cilantro and lime. This is a sweet burrito, but savory in that asian miso/shiitake /udon-broth kinda way. It's spicy and pretty much the best tasting thing I've had in Portland(excepting the Salmon dish at Fenouill or my friend Dancini's Double Decker Hamburger and Bacon Grilled Cheeze) since moving here. It's a nice treat, served piping hot and worth the price.

Visit them at: KOi Fusion PDX

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