Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mom Harris' Soul Food

A cozy hole in the wall, Mom Harris Soul Food is small yet packs a big punch. Cornbread was light and fluffy, if a little caramelized on the bottom, they do a Red Beans & Rice Jambalaya that is just AMAZING and their fried chicken/fish is served piping hot. Our roomate got a sausage sandwhich with their Louisiana Spice Aioli and after taking a bite, was convinced it was on the list of "To Eat" next time we go.
This is authentic New Orleans style food, with the owner/chef a transplant. Come to Oregon during Katrina, and as terrible as that must have been, it means we get to eat amazing food from one of the most culinary-diverse regions in America. Go check it out, they have more seating in the back if it's full up front. You wont regret it! Four Noms outta four!

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  1. Thanks for reviewing this place. We're moving in a couple blocks down next month, and the place looks like it could go either way from the outside. Nice to know it's worth a try.