Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heavenly Donut

As apt a name as you could get for these donuts, sweet and glazed to perfection. The chocolate cake donuts were like eating cake, fluffy and rich, the chocolate frosting with peanut crumbles giving it a slight peanut-butter/chocolate finish, which is fine by me. Their regular donut was fried to perfection, light and sweet. They could fill up on more custard in their boston cream pies, but I'm sure that it'd be all over you if they went any heavier. All in all a nice change of pace from Voodoo Donuts, and while being a chain, the price and hours are more than acceptable, especially when you're in No'Po' with a hankerin' for donuts! We asked for Hot Chocolate and the lady gave us Frozen Coffee Blends, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. We didn't say anything, cause how could we say no to that. Half way on our drive to the pumpkin patch I peaked on the sugar high and was SUPER PUMPED for the corn maze.

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  1. I'm thinking we need to get some donuts asap.