Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Roxy or OMG my stomach, for why did I drink so much last night?

Normally I won't be posting, but in this case I thought I needed to jump in. Jeremy and I went to The Roxy this morning to recover from another night of drinking at BLOWN. The reason I am jumping in is because Jeremy and I had, I believe, a pretty different experience with the food. I'll let him speak to his noms, but here's what I've got to say about mine:

I ordered the Gigabit, which is two eggs over-hard, bacon and tillamook cheddar on sourdough toast with a side of hashbrowns, and Jeremy and I split an order of biscuits and gravy. The Gigabit was... awful. I'm pretty sure that the cook was new, so I'll give him a break for that. But dude. Serial. The toast was SOGGY with butter and grease. He must have put a whole stick of butter on it or something, I don't know. I couldn't taste the eggs or bacon because the butter and cheese were so overwhelming. It was like eating a grilled cheese sandwich with some other tasteless stuff in it. Not what I was looking for at all as I ordered an egg sandwich.

The hashbrowns were bland. BLAND. If you look up "bland" in the dictionary, there would be a picture of these hashbrowns. I don't expect a small place like The Roxy to go as far as grating the potatoes themselves or anything, but when you use a bag of frozen hashbrowns I'm pretty sure you're supposed to season that shit. Salt, pepper, something.

Now, the biscuits and gravy, that's another story all together. That shit was GREAT. The biscuit was light and fluffy and not at all grease/butter-soaked (which is more than I can say for everything else I ate). It came smothered in their super-awesome country gravy, which was just fatty, meaty and peppery enough to excite my taste buds. You know when your cat eats something fatty and they do that smacking their mouth thing to enjoy the fatty goodness? I was doing that. I wanted every part of my mouth to enjoy what had just been put into it - and it did. The meeting of a dry biscuit and the fatty, moist gravy was perfect; the gravy lubed the biscuit up enough to not suck all of the moisture out of your mouth and slide down your throat easily, and the biscuit held up against sitting under all of that gravy without becoming mushy.

Next time, I'll stick to the biscuits and gravy and maybe an over-easy egg.

- Sam

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