Friday, October 22, 2010

International Correspondent! Foraging Part II

Everyone remember the epic apple expedition! What I very cleverly didn't mention was ANOTHER foraging trip. MWAHAHAHA. All part of my dastardly scheme.

Anyway, the weekend before the apples I went foraging with some Lovely Ladies that I happened to meet via LiveJournal. Who knew people could still meet via LiveJournal in THIS day and age.

It transpired that I unknowingly had in my possession the key information needed to locate the fruit of their wildest dreams. We went to the Hermitage of Braid to pick SLOES. As in, for making SLOE GIN. (Define sloes? Ok! "The hard black or yellow fruit of the blackthorn shrub")

Sloe gin is much better known in the UK than the US, and many people (such as my father in law) use it to transform their traditional gin and tonics into tart and fabulous pink concoctions of icy wonder.

Turns out that sloe gin is pretty easy to make at home!

Step 1: Freeze your 500 grams of freshly picked sloes
Step 2: Buy the cheapest gin you can find. In my case, the most literally basic store brand available - Sainsbury's Basics Gin
Step 3: Combine sloes, gin and sugar in leftover liquor bottles (you should have plenty of those lying around)
Step 3: Shake every day for a week, then every week for 8-10 weeks.

You're done!

Since I started my sloe gin last week it will hopefully be ready for Christmastime, when an appropriate action will be to mix it with champagne and PUT IT ALL IN MY MOUF.

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